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GBLS DAS GDR 15 Training Arms Line. (TAL)


GBLS DAS GDR 15 Training Arms Line. (TAL)


The Dynamic Action System (DAS) Carbines are some of the most realistic training tools I have used for Close Quarters Combat (CQC), Close Quarters Defense (CQD), and other force-on-force training subjects. Thus, I chose to primarily use the DAS Carbine when instructing military and law enforcement operators in scenario-based training environments. From trigger pull to blowback action, the DAS Carbines feel identical to their real steel counterparts which allow us to operate them without any adjustment period or change in our natural habits. As the materials used to manufacture the products are similar to the real steel, the weight is indistinguishable as are the DAS Carbine dimensions. Magazines are topped off at 30 rounds and can be dropped extensively during magazine changes without the concern of damaging them. The FPS can be adjusted as well as the pressure of the trigger pull – allowing customization of the Carbine to the operator’s personal preference.  DAS carbines are sturdy enough to be used aggressively and for muzzle striking in weapons retention scenarios. As the DAS products are battery powered, they must be charged before use and have the drawback of being sensitive to rainy weather or around maritime environments (VBSS scenarios). Nevertheless, the DAS Carbines are battery powered training weapons which act like gas blowback guns. A product that feels solid and disassembles like the real steel, the DAS Carbine has proven to be a very convenient and rewarding training tool. No longer do I need to go through the hassle of installing a simunitions kit in my weapons system. The DAS Carbine is always ready to go.


Lieutenant Ken Rhee, ROK Navy

Ken Rhee



Flash Hider, Outer Barrel, BCG, Pistol Grip and Mag  Blue color.

14” and 9.5”. 2 Types Training Line.

30 round Mag