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One day, the developer realized that the Airsoft guns that he purchased and believed to be different were actually based on the same gearbox.  Even though manufacturers claimed every time that “we are different and our technology is innovative”, they turned out to be disappointments.  His passionate opinion is that airsoft is not about just simply shooting BBs at your opponents.

Airsoft has been around for more than 30 years but the technology only progressed by inches.  We, as players, spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, purchasing gear in preparation for airsoft games, and yet we still play with antiquated airsoft guns.  This really motivated me to pursue how I can make my beloved game more realistic.

DAS is an acronym for “Dynamic Action System”.  DAS is an AEG that provides the realistic features of GBBR that was previously unattainable in AEG by inventing a mechanical firing system that eliminated electronic control.

- Manufacturer: GBLS, Made in Korea


DAS FEATURES DAS’s firing cycle is as follows

1. First, the piston and the bolt carrier retracts into the stock tube
2. While the sear holds the piston in the back, only the bolt carrier advances forward to load a round in the chamber
3. After loading, when the trigger is pulled, the sear releases the piston which strikes the round
4. After firing, the gears in the lower receiver activate to retract the piston and bolt carrier.
You can enjoy the blowback and recoil produced by the real bolt carrier movement and not worry about performance issues in cold weather during the game.
is as follows: