GDR series was born for force on force training



DAS is short for "Dynamic Action System". It is a concise description of a system which produces dynamic motion that up until now only existed in everyone’s dream and was never materialized in electric guns. Kim Kwang Suk, DAS developer and GBLS founder, is a licensed architect who has been playing in BB games since 1994. Analyzing the guns with his design background, he wondered for 20 years why manufacturers could not make a BB gun more realistic. Finally, in order to find a solution of making an electric gun more like a real gun, he founded GBLS to develop DAS himself. He knows best about the complaints that you have with the guns as users. In fact, his desire for a more realistic electric gun tops all others. Kim Kwang Suk of GBLS proclaims “The Summit of Realism” motto to mark the triumphant arrival of DAS and now everyone can witness the result. Real modern rifles do not operate without the bolt carrier movement. All the AEG which have existed so far are just toy guns lacking the bolt carrier which is the heart of the gun. DAS was born out of this framework.

DAS mechanically controls the movement of the bolt carrier to achieve the same stroke as a real gun. DAS should be used in the same sequence of a real gun in order to fire consisting of the following steps: pull back the bolt carrier, check the chamber, advance the bolt carrier forward, and set to single-fire.
In a game that creates an environment similar to a real battlefield, everybody wonders what gun to utilize. In the well decorated game field, what product can shine brightly out of the various real equipment that you have equipped. Without hesitation, the answer is DAS.

Pull the charging handle backward to retract and lock the bolt carrier, insert the magazine, release the bolt carrier forward to load a BB into the chamber, after the trigger is pulled and the shot is fired, the bolt carrier will draw back and the recoil will hit your chest. If you set the fire selector to auto-fire and when you pull the trigger again, replica accessories will loosen due to the recoil from the bolt carrier, so you, my friend, will need real accessories. When the 60 rounds of BB run out and the bolt carrier retracts and locks, press on the magazine release button to eject the existing magazine from the gun and insert the new magazine. When the bolt catch is released, this allows the bolt carrier move forward, and it is ready to fire again.

You have to train to do these steps quickly to avoid getting hit by the enemy. Also, you must firmly hold the handguard or vertical grip to prevent the shots from scattering by the recoil when you fire the gun. The moment for your shooting skills to shine has arrived. The rifle we both dreamed about is right before our eyes. Now, let's enjoy for real!

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